These occur at any time throughout the year during training sessions. It gives the swimmers a chance to update their times to gain entry to swimming meets.


GASC Annual Gala is held at Inverurie Swimming Pool at the end of the year. All members of GASC participate and it is a fantastic opportunity for new and younger swimmers to gain competition experience.


These are aimed for our younger and more inexperienced swimmers, usually aged 11 years old and under. They are normally accredited/licensed meets where a full complement of Technical Officials will be present.


These are completed under full swimming rules and regulations and will be accredited/licensed meets. Swimmers that have been entered into these meets must have times slower than the times stated in the entry information. ‘Speeding tickets’ are issued to swimmers faster than the time stated in the entry information.


Any affiliated Club, organisation or individual may enter these accredited/licensed competitions. They have no time restrictions, however, the swimmers must be a member of SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association).


SASA (Scottish Amateur Swimming Association) is divided into districts, GASC is part of North District which covers the North of Scotland and the Islands. These are also accredited/licensed meets.


These are for all swimmers who make the qualifying standard within Scotland. These determine the best swimmers in Scotland.


Entry fees apply to an individual event that your child swims within a meet, for example if your child is swimming four races at a meet you will have to pay four times the entry fee. The entry fees differ from meet to meet and are detailed within the ‘Meet Information’ document, which can be found on or

Fees should be paid when your child signs up for the meet. Once you have ‘signed up’ for a meet you must pay fees due, even if you withdraw after signing up you are still responsible for payment. Any swims not accepted will be credited back to your account.

Fees should be paid into the ‘Meets Account’, please email Rod Douglas for account details. Once paid, an email should be also sent to Rod Douglas detailing the amount you have paid into the account and the date paid in.